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DartMud is a unique MUD (Multi-User Dungeon), an online fantasy role-playing game in which hundreds of unique characters live their lives in the fascinating and dangerous world of Ferdarchi. The goals of your character are yours to choose; unlike most other muds, DartMud has no levels, experience points, classes, or rigidly defined guilds.

You may choose to be a gallant warrior, a powerful mage, a wily thief, the best chef in all the land, or any combination of these or other skills. Your character can lust for raw power, work to make the world a more peaceful place, or play the part of a leperous beggar who learns everyone's secrets. You can choose one of fourteen races including some familiar faces, as well as unique races with distinct backgrounds.

A more complete description is available, and hopefully you'll like what you see. We've worked hard to make DartMud as realistic and enjoyable as possible, and an active staff of creators are expanding the world continuously.

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