Welcome to DartMUD

You are about to enter a wildly different concept in lpmudding. As a preface, here is a little history of the development of Dartmud.

In February, 1991, the administrators of the lpmud 2.4.5 then known as Melchior (or wings) decided that the native environment that lpmud 2.4.5 provided had many, many shortcomings. At that point they set out on a brave adventure to build the better gaming system--Dartmud. Out of the thousands of person-hours of sweat and toil comes Dartmud, a truly different gaming system which looks like lpmud on the surface, yet is unbelievably more complex and intriguing. Here are some things that you, as a beginner, or even as a veteran, need to know about Dartmud.

The player: (You) As a player on Dartmud, you are a being, male or female, distinct from everyone else. You are made an individual not only by your name, but also by your race, personal statistics, and eventually, your skills. Your chosen race defines many things: how people react to you, what kind of image you will project, and what your body is made up of (hands? claws? talons?). Stats are personal attributes such as size, intelligence, etc. - genetic things. Related in a general sense to your race, you may modify your stats at registration. These stats will stay with you until death and can only be changed (temporarily) by great magic. Skills are attributes which you will choose, refine, and improve over your career as an adventurer. There are vast numbers of skills which you may acquire, varying from fighting, to lock picking, to swimming. As a player you are a specialist in the skills you choose to refine, a unique individual among many.

The monster: (Them) What is a monster? A monster is just like you, except with a computer brain. ALL monsters have at least a remedial intelligence (survival instict). Other than that, monsters are the same in every way to players.

The game: The game is one of survival and satisfaction. It is very tough to survive in the realm of Dartmud. Death is a sudden, and often permanent experience. There is recourse to death, but it is not cheap and must be planned in advance (no-one expects to die, right?). Whatever path you choose, be it that of warrior, thief, mage, vendor, healer, business person, or any combination thereof, you must discover the aspects of play you enjoy. There are combat systems, magic systems, economic systems, and ecological systems. These all play a part in the gaming world. Dartmud places an high value on inter-player cooperation. It is possible to survive as a loner, but your experience will be greatly enhanced if you share and work with your fellow players. You would also do well to observe the customs of the players around you. When in Rome...

The world: The world of Dartmud is a rich and diverse one, with its own history and culture. You will see many hints to the beliefs and laws of the natives. Culture may vary from city to city, but all share a common ancestry--the world upon which they sit, a vast expanse of forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, deserts, oceans and swamps. All life originated here, and here it thrives.

As you explore and experience these wonders, remember, a good time with a role playing game is what you make of it!

Start Helpfile updated 11/93 by Raven