Welcome to the wonderful realm of crafts. It will be possible, if not already, for anyone to gather the necessary components and by manipulating the right tools, create items for his/her use. A common craft is cooking, whereby the chef, once knowing the recipe, can whip up a meal in minutes.

The standard command format for crafts is as follows:

craft recipe,arg1,arg2,...

Where recipe is the name of the generic name of the item.

The actual ending item may be different if using different ingredients, such as using barley flour when making bread will yield barley bread, as will wheat flour yield wheat bread. Here a few examples to get you started: bandanna leather helm cloth pants cloth shirt leather shirt leather pants hardtack pancakes steaks bread

Available arguments are: size and work surface.

craft item size=num on surface craft bandanna size=150 on workbench craft carving knife size=100 craft apple seeds on workbench

The size defaults to the size of the crafter. Use a measuring tape to determine the appropriate size if you are crafting for someone else.